Busy January

I’m kinda busy with week because I have friends from out of town in KL. First is Kim from Miri who came to KL the day before yesterday. Managed to go out with her to Curve and we had a good time laughing and talking even though it was only for a short while.

Then today, G & I picked Mel & Rachel from KL Central. They just flew in from US-Penang-Cambodia. We had a scrumptious lunch in that overpriced-but-everyone-still-goes-there banana leaf rice shop in Bangsar. Learned a new word today , ‘tairu’ = yogurt (which my sister smeared all over her rice at that shop).

Come to think of it, its the first time that I’ve been out with girls since ‘last year’ (its still so hard to get used to the fact that its a whole new year now and everything that happened 2 weeks ago is ‘last year’s story’). I went out with B on the 30th then celebrated the 31st with Abadi. Last weekend I was out with the jwg boys for karok & lepak then a few days back I was gaming with the boys – Arai, Nik, Jef & Ariff. Which just goes to show I have more guy frens then gal frens. LOL!

Tonite we (Mel, Rach, G & I) going to Sky Bar – a gorgeous pool side bar on the 33rd floor in Traders Hotel to meet up with some friends. Come join us :D Oh and I have to meet up with Kim again sometime this week before she goes back, she wants to got for shisha. Jiyde! Jom bershisha kat Rasta, TTDI (dekat One Utama). Jom la! jom la!

And after this week is over, Erin is coming over to KL next week. Yey! Then Pam’s coming back sometime in mid Jan then we’re off to Phuket on the 31st! Can’t wait! Whee~~~

At first, I wanted this to be just a filler post to give a short note on what happened today but me being my rambling self went on and on about stuff that has happened so far. Hehe! :P

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