Busy weekend

Kena complain already coz i didnt update my blog this weekend. Sorry guys (esp Joe :P) been busy lately. So here’s a recap:

On Fri nite i slept really early (around 8-9pm…!!) so I woke up really early on Sat..partly coz my cousin smsed me asking for someone’s hp num. So was online till around noon when we (my family & I) went to eat Nando’s :) at One Utama. Yay! My fave!

Den we went to Bukit Bintang coz I needed to fix my phone – I cant use the wireless nor the GPRS/MMS – so the ppl in Nokia Care Center said have to update software…but dat means…..everything in my phone will be deleted….*cries*

So sad :( so i took the opportunity to insist to buy a connectivity cable (hp to PC) and we did manage to buy one in a handphone shop in Bukit Bintang – which was ciplak and I went home to test it out while my sis & mom stayed in BB. The cable is lousy…spoilt! have to go change it soon.

Oh yes, i ate seafood for dinner…yummy yummy

Went to church in the morning – as usual – then came back and did MAJOR spring-cleaning…move furniture here and there and clean up the hell-hole-dumpster called my sister’s room – which im unfortunatly sleeping in as well.

Den around 2.30 pm, went to Sunway to play ice-skating with my 2 sisters…it was fun…but some idiot guy skated up behind me and somehow managed to hook his skates to mine, causing me to fall down on a BIG puddle – i hate skating on weekends, the ice is SO melted- making my butt & the back of my pants all wet.

Den we went to eat an early dinner (around 5.30 pm) {ice skating makes me hungry} at McDs and then we walk walk around and then played archery…im geting better at it :) and went back at 8 pm, and fell asleep still wearing my jeans, nice baju, jewelry and makeup till the next morning

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