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Butt cramps

Was supposed to blog about this yesterday but was too lazy. Since im on MC today coz im sick :”(, here goes….

A friend of mine invited me to go lepak lepak with him on Sunday evening. Was kinda a last minute decision. The thing was, his bro took the car so he only has a scooter. And i hv never been on a scooter in my whole life.

[Flashback…..the last time i was on a motorcycle was more than a year ago and we (the rider and I) got into an accident and fell of. She (the rider) got badly cut up and i got bruised. So a lil bit phobia la since then]

I told him that I have honestly never been on a scooter and i was scared but he said, just try la. So with much apprehension, I donned the helmet and climbed on. Then I was deciding on how to hang on when he pulled my hand around his waist so i gripped hard. Then we were off

I was so scared during the turns that I musta grabbed too hard coz he yelled “Oi, too tight, i cant breathe!!”. And he kept saying “dont move! dont move!” which made me even more scared and nervous. I kept my eyes closed like half of the journey. Then after like 20 mins i got used to it and relaxed. The trip back was okay, except that I had butt cramp when i got back coz I was too shy to ask him to take a pit stop. It was a long long journey…..from my place (somewhere in Damansara) allll the way to Ampang.

Butt cramps……

…im on MC…

Been having this terrible sorethroat since Thursday which developed to a flu, which developed to a cough, which caused me to start vomiting so I decided to get it checked out at the doctors and she gave me MC


  • IcedNyior

    KL-Kedah???!?!?!?! What the…..

    I salute you la :P Im too pampered, too used to naik keta.

    Im alright now…after my medication i went straight to sleep till 11 something then got up, took a shower, had dinner..then came online to check mail.

  • wynn

    hahaha.. more like ur butt froze and died on u.. Itu baru Damansara – Ampang. I hv done KL-Kedah.. after 1 hour u can jab me and I wont feel a thing…

    how are you now?

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