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Buy a Poken in Malaysia (preorder)

A poken is a small gadget for your keychain that allows you to share all of your social networking information with other people just by touching your Poken to theirs. Think of it as an electronic business card that stores your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Your new friends and business contacts will then be able to access your personal networking sites simply by clicking on your business card.


[spoiler](1) This gadget has a USB port to plug into your computer where you can then register at and create your Poken card where you can key in information:
Profile – photos, info, email, blog
Social Networks – Flickr, facebook, Flickr, Hi5, linked in, friendster, myspace, bebo, etc
Instant Messenger – MSN, GoogleTalk, Skype, ICQ (no YM for now)

This is how my poken card looks like. I didnt really customize it yet.

(2) You can then touch your poken’s hand to another poken to ‘high four’ (it only has 4 fingers) and your poken cards will be exchanged. So anytime you change your info in your account, that info will automatically change on your friend’s poken page
Attached Image
(3) Plug the poken in your USB and it will load the contacts in your Poken to your poken page where you can decide to discard or keep the contacts.

This is how my poken page looks like – Names & details of my frens are blurred. As you can see some ppl customize their poken card


Designs are given RANDOMLY but you may choose to state 2-3 of your preferred designs out of the designs here, if available

There is a Msian site selling pokens at around RM97.00 including shipping.
I’m selling it for ONLY RM75 (not incl shipping)

COD is PREFERRED – then we can have a poken meetup and you can instantly register your poken and poken other buyers. COD location and time will be decided later (KL/PJ area)

For postage:
PosExpress – RM3
PosLaju – RM6 (WM)/ RM7 (EM)

* Please leave your name if you’re interested to order
* Note that this is a preorder
* The bulk will close once we reach the MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 12.
* A 50% deposit is required to be banked in once the MOQ is reached
* The deposit is non-refundable should the buyer back out once the order has been made
* Please give about 2 weeks for the items to arrive after making the order. According to their site, "Outside Europe, your order will take longer, but should not exceed 10 business days."

For more info, visit

Don’t Hesitate to ask any questions. Just leave a message in this blogpost or read more in my forum thread : You can also email me at[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject "Poken" or twitter me at


  • syu

    hi im syu, student frm UM,
    and i hv to do a biz plan
    its only a task 4 final yr student.
    and i with my team do a biz plan for poken
    its only a task n not for real to be sale at market
    can u help me out.
    can u tell me cost for 1 poken including it freight fees
    can u reply thru my email
    and the info will b confidential
    i jus hv to know the cost so i can present my biz plan more properly to my lecture:

    add question beside cost :
    where do u get the supply 4 poken?
    how much they charge u as a dealer?
    how many place in malaysia dat selling poken…
    i hope u can ans my question

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