Car Accident @ Cyberjaya

I got into a quite bad accident in Cyberjaya at the junction behind Fujitsu after lunch today (around 2pm). I was SO CARELESS! Actually, I was a bit lost trying to get out of that area and there were so many cars parked along the sides of the car that I didnt notice a car from the left side.

It all happened so quickly but I rmbr a really great impact and that I slammed the gas for a while and shut my eyes when I realized what i was doin and slammed the breaks, stopping right at the corner and just narrowly missing another parked car at the side of the road.

More details….

Sat in daze for a few seconds then looked for my specs (which went flying around in the car) and got out to access the damage. Apparently I hit this indian fella driving a Proton Iswara who was calling me blind and what not and was probably kutuking me (I was a bit stunned so didnt realized what he said). Then another well dressed indian fella came and said “yea yea its all ur fault, i saw you were very fast and u didnt stop..bla bla bla (more kutuking).” And I also hit a malay guy driving a Nissan on its back right side.

Then suddenly lots of ppl came (most were either coming back or goin to lunch) then the indian fella was telling everyone his version of the story saying “i was driving slow then suddenly she came from the right side. It was my right of way what! …bla bla” If u were driving “so slow” how come couldnt stop in time?

So I just waited till my dad came down from his office at KLCC. Then more people showed up- all guys and I bet they were all thinking “women drivers!” – and everyone had an opinion. There were a few guys who were very nice, told me to take pics of the damage, not to let anyone tow the car until my dad came, and gave other good bits of advice.

So after 2 hrs my dad came (bloody jam in KL) and he settled everything with the tow guys, insurance, the other ppl, the police reports and sending the car to the workshop. *phew* what a relief

This is a artist’s rendering contengan sketch of how it happened:

(my fren said mcm gambar budak tadika…hehe)

On a more serious note, this is how bad my car looked like (its a Honda City) and how not so bad the Iswara looked like (I forgot to take pics of the Nissan, it was a small dent anyway).


Oh and no one was injured, well maybe except me. I wore my safety belt but during the impact i slammed into the steering wheel so my chest hurts and i hit my knee below the steering wheel and i got a bruise there. My whole body feels sore and I feel a bit pening but im ok :) My mom wants me to go to see a doctor and probably get an xray (just in case of internal injuries) but i think im fine.


  • Mr Moody Caressen

    Apparently u got your license alredy. Well, the major injuries is the trauma. But it will make us wiser. Do not give a damned about those passerby’s comments. Glad you’re ok. BTW, your chest ok alredi kan? :D

  • angah

    jangan trauma lama2 tau..

    i’ve been in an accident, so i paham sangatlah kalau trauma tu kan..

    still trauma benonya.

    anyway, you should be ok :)

  • pangah

    waaaa… that’s u!!!!
    across the fujitsu building is my office…
    me also going to c the car..
    i tot there’ll be dead body.. but :cry:
    stiap bulan ade eksiden situ…
    so b cafefull..

  • cyberresident

    adooooi. still wait for daddy to take care of everything then you shouldn’t be driving as you are obviously not matured enough!

    ADA KA PATUT BILA BERLANGGAR DIA TEKAN MINYAK! nasib baik lepas tu realise dan tukar tekan brek.

    • IcedNyior

      If u don’t know anything, you have no right to say. I panic at that point and was not sure what i tekan. obviously i wanted to tekan the brake.

      I had to wait for my dad because the car is UNDER HIS NAME and not mine. So obviously he has to handle it.

      anyway, if u were smart enough to read the date. it was bloody two years ago. stupid

  • Smiley91

    Owh, thank god you’re alright in one piece. At least you avoided a bigger accident from happening.

    Anyway, care to chat? Do you have MSN or yahoo? :D Let me know.

    tHANx a lot !!

  • priyan

    Just wondering why the need to highlight the races that were involved? almost makes it seem like if u said the guys were indians and malay somehow that would make the whole situation more tense. Maybe i’m just overly sensitive. Anyway good that your city was built to absorb the inertia of the abrupt stop. It afterall has a crumple zone and thank goodness no bikes were involved or the outcome would have been much worse.

    • IcedNyior

      imo, you are being overly sensitive. i dont think its a racial issue in this manner. Its just a way to identify people instead of saying “i hit guy A’s side then i hit guy B’s back and guy C came up and wanted to be a witness”

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