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Car Noob

I would be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about cars or motocycles or any other vehicle for that matter. Anything with an engine and wheels eludes me. All I know is how to drive my car, fill it with petrol and change tyres (well, at least I know how to change the tyres by myself!).

When I was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I met up with Taufan. He drove one of his father’s car and he had this cool device on it. I think its like a Car DVD Player that can play music and has an in-built GPS I think (because I think saw the GPS device thingy). The best part is, when reversing, it shows a feed of the back view so that you don’t accidently hit anything or anyone. When I saw it, i told Taufan, “OMG! I need that for my car.”

Even though I know nothing about cars, I do want to change my CD player in the car because currently it plays only audio CDs and I want it to play MP3 CDs. Oh, I just checked and apparently its called a In-Dash Car Receiver. LOL! Told you I’m a noob.

Hurm, I don’t have an Emergency Road Kit in my car. Well I do have one plastic bag with tampons/pads in case of an emergency but I don’t have a first aid kit in the car. Should I get one? I do have a flashlight tho. Hurm..

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