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The Casanova’s Demise?

End of the era of a casanova” said Pam. She met her already.

I shook my head and laughed in disbelief. After hearing lots of stories about this gal and that gal, he said he met someone. And it was serious. “Im not jahat like before already,” said A.

I finally met her – his new girlfriend today. “Oh..ini ke si dia yg I dah dgr byk citer,” I said as I salam her tangan. Sweet girl. A bit quiet tho. A ‘missy’ who drive a Jazz, quite classy looking juga.

We had some fun kutuking laughing at some of his bad habits – like the fact that he’s a damn lousy back seat driver who keeps making comments about our driving (“ehh..laju sgt”, “bahayanya u pusing mcm tu”, “takleh slow lagi ke?”) then keeps wanting to use his way (“naper u tak ikot jalan nie? naper ikot jalan tu? kalo u ikot……lagi cepat tau”).

They got good chemistry together, her feelings for him are especially obvious. The light touching on the arms when they talk, the lowering of the voice when they are on the phone with each other, the look in their eyes when they look at each other. Things I’ve seen him do with other girls…

Well, I hope, for her sake, the casanova has retired.

But if I were her, I’d feel threatened by the fact that he has not one, but TWO close girl friends who knows him well enough to complain about his quirks and use his phone dgn tak malunya amongst other things.

But im not goinna tell him that…he’ll figure it out soon enough. Hehehe!

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