Catan Madness

catan board

I’ve been struck by khatan Catan madness! Well, actually its this board game called Settlers of Catan [wiki link]. Thanks to Ariff & Nik who introduced Pam, Jef & myself to this board game, we have really got addicted like nobody’s business.

The game starts by assembling the board as below. We have to shuffle the pieces of the board then arrange it. The different coloured pieces represents 4 different resources – Wood, Wheat, Sheep & Ore. These resources are used to build stuff – Settlements (houses), Cities & Roads (to connect the settlements/cities) – and also to buy Development Cards – similar to Community Chest in Monopoly.

catan board

The numbers on the pieces represents numbers in the dice. So for example, when you roll a number ‘6’ all the players who have settlements on the corners of the piece which has the number 6 will receive that particular resource. The aim of the game is the first played to have 10 points – settlements are worth 1 point, cities are worth 2 points and there are a few other ways to get points.

Confused? Okay, think of it this way. Its like Monopoly and Age of Empires combined (thats the easiest way for me to explain it) – where you build houses and also gather resources. Oh, and the funnest part is that you can trade resources with other players. Seriously addicting! We’ve been playing it for almost a week straight every night now (which explains the lack of updates doesn’t it?). Hehe!

Well, I’m off to play more Catan! Its goinna be weekend soon! Have a great one people!


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