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    Twitter on ‘Men Carrying Handbags’

    See, even Cristiano Ronaldo has a clutch I was sitting in Starbucks the other day, when I saw this guy carrying this tote (thats a big handbag for you lads) while his girlfriend walked beside him, empty handed. I thought it looked weird so I decided to ask Twitter. Question : Tweeps, what do u guys think of Guys carrying their Gf/fiancee/wife’s handbag while they are out? Yes, No, WTF? @spinzer : @icednyior I love doing it. makes me feel rich when my partner can go shopping for all she wants? # @lightyoruichi : No # @wssoo : Yes. next time girl should bring along their bf while shopping for…

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    Boobjobs or Blowjobs?

    A conversation one slow saturday night Girl: im watching beauty and the geek Guy Fren: dat series is saks.. Guy Fren: making fun of the geeks.. Girl: funny Girl: got this gal Girl: she did a boobjob Girl: 8K Girl: wtf!!!! Guy Fren: to one of the ggeks? Girl: BOOB JOB Girl: -_- Girl: BOOOBBBB Guy Fren: sorry,, Guy Fren: i tot blowjob using boob…

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    Memantat Sotong?

    I got an sms yesterday Weh korang, 2-3 ari lepas pakngah msg aku. Sblm dia gi memantat sotong, dia ajak MMS. Aku plan hari jumaat – 24/4 mlm kat kg baru. Siapa on reply. A few minutes later. *mencandat sotong, bukan memantat. sorry typo Hehehe