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    Are Greeting Cards dead?

    I was cleaning some of the boxes at the bottom of my cupboard the other day. There are two boxes which most probably haven’t opened since moving from Miri way back in 2004 so its mostly stuff, presents, knickknacks which I accumulated when I was in Curtin. Surprisingly, I found a huge envelop full of greeting cards – mostly Christmas and birthday cards given to me by my friends. Nowadays people just send online greeting cards which are common and boring. We should start reviving the practice of sending cards through snail mail because nothing beats receiving a real card with a personalized handwritten message inside.

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    2007 flashbacks

    I found that 2007 was great. I enjoyed myself most of the time. It wasn’t like the previous years which was rather crappy with extreme highs and lows – its the low points that really wear me out. However this year was different. Here’s a recap of the past 12 months : January : I was still using my old domain (midnightdances.com). The new year was good with loads of new stuff February : Had my first open house since I came to KL. Its actually an invite-only makan2 for Chinese New Year. March : Had marvelous steamboat – too much food for too little people, as usual :P Oh…

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    Twenty one oredi

    Happy birthday to me :D Im officially 21 today, legally able to hv consenting sex, vote, drink alcohol, enter clubs (even tho i’ve been doin that for the past 5 yrs) but honestly, to everyone else, its just another normal day. But for me, its a day that I smile to myself because

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    Cemetary Trip

    [Time] sometime after 3-4 am [Date] a Saturday early 2004 [Venue] Miri, Sarawak Now that I recall, it was a really dark night, no moon and not a star in the sky. My friends and I were about to go back after a night of fun, clubbing, dancing and drinking. The club was the heart of town about 30 mins from our campus. There was 5 of us in the car. K (the extremely cute driver) from brunei, C (an exchange student from Aussie) in the front passenger seat, B (also from brunei) sitting in the middle of the back seat with L (my best fren) on his right and…

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    Of Brian’s Visit & Night Crossings

    I’ve been hit by the malas-to-update-my-blog syndrome the past few weeks. Its not that I dont have a life *jeling kat put* but I’ve been busy – but not as busy as org yg salah tgk date convo or mak hayam yg nak cuti awal. Brian, a close fren of mine from KK (who’s currently studying in Singapore) came to KL for a weekend trip. He stayed with Aaron in KJ. These two monkeys said that they would be in BB-Lowyat area after 10am on saturday and so I was at KJ at 11am and decided to call them to say that I’d be there earlier than i expected –…