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    BBQ @ Bangi

    I had a BBQ Potluck today at Arc & Budak’s House. I brought the infamous Batik Cake and Orange Drenched Cake. Pictures first, story mory later.. More pics in my Picasa Album >> BBQ 1 Mar

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    End of holidays :(

    Sori I’ve been abandoning my blog. Been busy enjoying the last 2 weeks of my holidays. Early dinner at Delicious with the girls Erin was around since Monday last week and it’s been a week long sleepover. There was a lot of eating and jalan2. Meeting up with old friends from school. Shopping in One Utama. Driving to PJ Digital Mall. Pigging out the whole day with Dominos, sleeping then a huge huge supper at Williams. Gossiping till wee hours of the morning. Sleeping in till the afternoon. It was such fun girls!

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    Not so happy ending

    I was away for the weekend, so I was catching up on all the posts that I missed during the weekend. Managed to read this post that was written slightly passed midnight this morning. I know that most other ppl who read it would be appalled, shocked and perhaps would be saying things like “naper dier rasa mcm tu?”, “sensitif juga mamat nie” and defending things like “alar, jgn la terasa, joe mmg mcm tu, takyah nak amik port sgt apa dier kata…bla bla bla”.

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    Gegar Raya 07 : The Aftermath

    (rasanya im the last person nak update pasal gegar nih, so bacalah entry yg panjang dan detailed ini) Finally! Its over! Yeehaa! Tuhan saja yg tahu betapa stress nye I hari sabtu tu. Firstly, I ada major project documentation kena hantar sebelum pukul 12. Dan kena settlekan plak 2 presentation utk mlm tu. Satu utk introduction Kelab Reban dan satu gi slideshow. Pagi tu i bgn kul 4am lebih (yer…FOUR AM) utk siapkan semua kerja.Dlm pukul 10am, masa documentation i dah nak habis, tiba2 blackout. Demmit! So, I dah agak mesti tak sempat hantar sebelum pukul 12. File i plak takde backup dlm thumbdrive, semua ada dlm PC. Takkan i…

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    Gegar Raya 07 : Photos

    Sudah selesai dgn jayanya! (nanti update gi) From Gegar Ria 2007 Gegar Ria is organized by Geng Reban – a group of bloggers who met through joeperantau.blogspot.com. This is a yearly event which happens after Raya and started off last year as a potluck in Bangi but has now expended to a full fledged event in a hotel Banquet Hall. About 70 people turned up with their families and the event was a great success! More updates coming up…