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    Mini Blogger’s Gathering 2008

    I just came back from a blogger’s gathering. What blogger’s gathering, you ask? This one.. Its a blogger’s gathering organized by Evie of evelynholic and Calvin of recordedmoments. This is their 2nd annual gathering. They organized one last year but I couldn’t make it and cant remember what excuse did I use. lol! Marche had some negative points last nite – the aircon had problems and the seating area was a bit cramped – but it was really fun to meet up with bloggers that I havent met before. Some looked familiar and others I haven’t even heard of their blogs (heh, sorry!). I remember sitting down and chit chatting…

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    Hari Bintang Jatuh & Open Houses

    I’ll be soo utterly busy this weekend. Friday evening – breifing on the hari bintang jatuh event (info) in Ampang Friday night – Will be up to my elbows in flour, sugar and cream cheese churning out goodies for Saturday Saturday – set up gerai and enjoy good music, poetry and shopping! Saturday night – I got something up but i cant rmbr as of now Sunday – fren invited to his place in Kajang for open hse, my neighbour also invited us for open house and Bebudak reban ayam also have a gathering in Cheras How am I going to split myself to three on Sunday is still everyone’s…

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    Busy weekend

    This is going to be a quick update coz its going to be a busy weekend. Im currently trying to repair my clock coz I’ve been sleeping during the day and awake during the night. Currently I’ve been awake since 10pm. Hope to sleep early tonite. Big day tomorrow Thursday [soon] Buy shoes for rehersal – need to get court shoes [9.30pm] Free screening for X-Files Movie @ Cineleisure [11.30pm] Meet with frens at Laundry for a little while Friday [11 am] Gown collection [12-4pm] Rehersal for Graduation [6.30pm] Gath @ Ayam Goleks [9.00pm] LYN Drinking Gath @ Laundry (again) Saturday [2pm] Registration [3pm] Graduation Ceremony [11.30pm] Gath Jiyde @…

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    Kenduri Ayam Gols

    I got an email a few days back from Delinn inviting everyone to beramai2 dtg utk kenduri ayam gols Friday evening. Then alangz plak called me the next day. Then Delinn pm me on YM to ask if im going. I had to meet him tonite because I accidently left my IC & credit cards with him. We were out and I was too lazy to bring my wallet so I passed the cards to him to hold. Then we parted ways last nite. When I was having lunch this afternoon, i realized that I didn’t have all those important cards. So I paksa-ed him to go with me we…

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    BBQ Arang

    I knew everyone would be late so I took my own sweet time in going to the BBQ. I finished making my cakes the night before so I didn’t have to rush to prepare anything. Reached there around 5.30pm (they initially said to meet at 3pm). And saw that everyone was fanning an empty bbq pit.