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    That rainy day..

    Remember how heavy the rain was last Tuesday (yesterday)? Well I didn’t go to class on Tuesday (4-8pm) because I was sick – sneezing non stop since Tuesday morning due to a bad cold. Then it started raining heavily in the afternoon. I mean like really heavily, cats and dogs. Even my mom asked me not to go to class beause the rain was too heavy to drive long distance. Very loud thunder and lighting thrown in. At one point there was this really bright flash of light and loud thunder and there was a trip. Luckily my laptop wasn’t plugged in at this time. Had to flick the switch…

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    Soul Searching

    Someone told… me that I look so troubled when I sleep, as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders. My cheeks droop and I don’t look happy. Which is contrary to how I am when I’m awake – bubbly, cheerful, funny, happy. And I think… its because when I’m awake I don’t really worry about a lot of problems, I take life as it comes. But when I sleep, I dream weird dreams and never have restful sleep. My mind is constantly working, going around in circles, pondering things in my subconscious. Perhaps that why I look so tense.

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    The very same words

    The words that comfort me and make me feel loved From the lips that have touched mine Is spoken to another person, The exact same tone, exact same mood The very same words “You’re playing with fire. Don’t forget karma.” said Pam. Yes, I know, I know. But this is the path I chose to take, karma or no karma. I selfishly chose my own happiness – without regard of what or who gets burnt. Technically, I have no right to terasa. Come on, its not like I didn’t expect it to happen. I knew that I’d have to face it sooner or later and not just once, but a…

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    My not-so-perfect life

    I got into a big fight with my parents today. What started off as a simple argument turned out into a full-blown fight. It started with my Mom assuming that I made a mess, when actually it wasn’t me. She still continued scolding, then i also fought back coz she got the wrong person. Then my dad got into the picture, and of course took my mom’s side. Then they ungkit (bring up) everything they weren’t satisfied about from before till now. So me being rebellious & sarcastic also lawan balik. One of my sisters who was there juz laughed at the whole thing and that made me even more…