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    Puspel Syabas Water Disruptions/ Gangguan Bekalan Air 14-15 March 2012

    Sorry this is a little late but there has been a scheduled water disruption on 14 March announced by Puspel Syabas. It is expected to last for 36 hours from 8:00am 14 March (Wednesday) to 8.00pm 15 March (Thursday). Please take note of the affected locations as below. The info below was obtained from their FACEBOOK PAGE Notes here – http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=382473158432566 NOTICE This website/blog is NOT an official site for Puspel Syabas. For inquiries/complaints regarding water supply, please contact Puspel Syabas via Phone – 1800-88-5252, Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/puspel or Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/PUSPEL/269414720490 NOTIS Lamanweb/blog ini BUKANNYA laman rasmi Puspel Syabas. Untuk sebarang komen/aduan/pertanyaan, sila menghubungi Puspel Syabas melalui Telefon – 1800-88-5252, Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/puspel or Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/PUSPEL/269414720490…

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    Gangguan Bekalan Air Puspel Syabas–Jun 2011

    Puspel Syabas put up a Note on their Facebook page regarding water interruptions. The annoying part is, it’s a Profile instead of a Page so the person behind it has to approve you before you can see the Notes section. Quite a pain. Edit : apparently now you can view the Facebook Note. Great! So, I copy pasted the Facebook note (HERE) to the below. Note: I am not from Puspel/Syabas so I cannot help you if you leave complaints here NOTIS MAKLUMAN : GANGGUAN BEKALAN AIR SEMENTARA DI BEBERAPA WILAYAH SYABAS AKIBAT KERJA-KERJA PENYENGGARAAN DAN MENAIKTARAF  LOJI RAWATAN AIR SUNGAI SELANGOR FASA 1 (SSP1) OLEH SYARIKAT PENGELUAR AIR SUNGAI…

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    Media Statement on Social Media Campaign by Tourism Malaysia

    So Tourism Malaysia has released a media statement in regards to the 1.8Mil spent  for their Social Media Campaign (particularly Facebook). Original source in a Facebook Note and the content is reproduced in its entirety below. MEDIA STATEMENT The digital platform is a very powerful persuasion media tool for marketing in today’s IT era.  National Tourism organizations and major multinational corporations are all focusing on digital campaigns eg. Australia Tourism Organization. Tourism Malaysia is now embarking on digital marketing, promotions, advertising and branding through social media aimed at creating and developing six (6) tourism event campaigns as follows: Citrawarna 1Malaysia 1Malaysia Malaysia Mega Sale/Malaysia Year End Sale Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia 1Malaysia…

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    My opinion on the 1.8Mil spent by the Tourism Ministry on Facebook

    Everyone is talking about the MYR 1.8Mil spent by the Tourism Ministry on Facebook. There are many who seem to be jumping to conclusions and running around like a headless chicken, panicking that 1.8mil of the rakyat’s money is used to setup a free Facebook Page. I’m not on anyone’s side, but consider this: According to Msian Insider, the contract includes : costs for designing, flash programming and coding, testing and debugging, uploading and launching the application, system server deployment and campaign management. The 1.8 million is for 6 Facebook pages, not one, SIX. That amounts to an average of MYR300k per page. Which includes what seems to be a…

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    PSA : Road Closure in Kuala Lumpur for Jay Chou / Nicholas Tse movie “Against War” filming

    Got this from April. Not sure how accurate the news is but its best to avoid these roads if you can help it as a new action movie titled “Against War” starring Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse is currently filming all around KL until the end of this month. Directed by Dante Lim, the movie revolves around two brothers, played by Chou and Tse, investigating an international criminal case related to a deadly virus. Chinese actress Bai Bing plays a damsel-in-distress character whom the duo have to rescue. [Source] P/s: Wonder if there will be a lot of people hanging around hoping for their 2 seconds of fame? :P