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    My two cents on the #NajibCNY issue and how they got your email (and SMS?)

    A few days ago, a couple of people received and email from our Prime Minister @NajibRazak wishing them a happy Chinese New Year. Naturally, many were concerned on where he obtain their email addresses. At first I thought it was sent to people/bloggers who signed up for his tea parties and dinners that he has organized to meet and greet his online friends. This was not the case. Neither was it sent out to people who registered to vote. Amanz.my (full article in BM here) later reported that the email was obtained from “media prima database and others”. This information was in fact given by the CEO of Media Prima…

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    Paypal PowerUp Event Rude Email. WTF!

    If you’re a paypal user in Malaysia, you would have been happy to know earlier this year that you could link your Maybank debit card to your Paypal account. In fact, I wrote a tutorial (click here to read) that proved useful for quite a lot of people. A few months back, you must have been even happier to find out that you could withdraw Paypal funds to your Malaysian bank account for a minimal fee if its under RM400 and free if its over RM400. A few days ago, you might felt surprised when you received the email below from Paypal inviting you to RSVP to the Paypal PowerUp…

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    Money’s not good enough for myNews Bangsar

    I work somewhere nearby the Bangsar LRT and usually eat around that area. I needed to withdraw money so I took the escalator upstairs with a colleague to the Bangsar LRT because there’s a Maybank ATM. I owed her some money so I need to break my RM50s I just withdrew. So around 3.30pm, I went to the myNews kiosk to buy something to break the note. The cashier was a male of mixed descent who was holding a bunch of notes in his hand. I’m not too sure but maybe he was sorting money in the till. I picked a roll of mentos berry and gave to the cashier.…

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    How dare u say Im sitting on my ass doing nothing?? Or in your words “someone malas kerja then complain not enough money”. Grrr There is a reason why im not taking the tutoring job in my old college. Its Kota Damansara to Cyberjaya every single day. Fourty minutes ONE WAY and thats not including the jam. Not to mention toll would be around 6-12 bucks depending on which highway. Do that for FOUR BLOODY YEARS and tell me you want to do it for another 6 months (min contract) or more. Cakap je mmg senang. Edited : I wrote a much more harsher version earlier but decided to edit…

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    So sleepy

    Haih~ had to wake up one hr earlier. Tired tired. Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? *guling2 on the floor hentak2 tangan dan kaki* Urgh! *gets up and gets ready* I got flu also now. crap! (just an obligatory post to let my readers know I’m still alive – albiet with on going flu and lack of sleep) Going to watch Quarentine tonite ;)