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    Review : Acer Aspire One 533 Netbook with wimax inside

    Thanks to P1 W1MAX , I had the chance to  review the Acer Aspire One 533 powered by Intel and Wimax Inside. WHAT IS WIMAX INSIDE? Its convenience in a laptop. Instead of having dongles or long cables like many other wireless broadbands these laptops are inbuilt with the wimax modem INSIDE. No modems, usb dongle or wires. TECHNICAL STUFF The Aspire One 533 is powered by the Intel Atom Processor N455 and comes preinstalled with Windows 7 Starter. It has a 250GB HDD and 1GB RAM. It has a 6 cell battery which promises a long battery life.   I must admit that I seriously liked this netbook. Especially…

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    Rumours: Maxis to bring iPhone 4 to Malaysia in August 2010?

    Rumours all over twitter today: This is straight from the horse’s mouth, the animal here being our local Star paper’s tech pull-out InTech. The report has the Maxis boss telling the paper’s reporter this: ‘Van Overbeke said the iPhone 4 could be available here by August, but declined to provide prices.’ This is only a ‘could’ scenario. It doesn’t confirm that Apple phone is actually going to sell here in that coming month. The same reporter also wrote: ‘As for the iPad, he said it is possible that Maxis will be distributing the 3G version of the tablet computer.’ That word ‘possible’ can also be roped into the same familial…

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    Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) Kuala Lumpur + Slides

    The good people over in Google SEA decided to hold the first (I think) Google Analytics Master Class in KL last weekend. It was held in Hilton Hotel KL and the best part, it was FREE! All you had to do was register yourself and they will email you if you got the invites. I bet they didn’t expect the overwhelming response though. The GAMC consists of a couple of speakers who gave short 10 minutes (or so) talks. Some were from Google, explaining the features in GA and other related tools. Others were from various businesses that utilizes GA in their business.

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    Happy Binary Day!

    Some people were asking what does my status mean. Let me give a brief explanation *puts on black thick rimmed glasses* Binary is a numeric system which uses two numerals to represent all real numbers. While the most common counting system, the decimal system, uses ten numerals, binary uses only 0 and 1. Each digit in a binary number system therefore represents a power of two. The first digit on the right represents the 0th power, the second represents the 1st power, the third represents the 2nd power, and so on. So the number 1 in the decimal system is represented also as 1 in the binary system. The number…