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    The Osaka Travelogue – Part 1 : Accommodation in Osaka

    Osaka has always been close to my heart as it’s the first city I did my first ever solo trip. Yes, first solo trip in a country I’ve never been where I dont speak a word of the language? Quite an adventure, I must say. Also, Osaka is known as Japan’s food city and the (highly debated) birthplace of okonomiyaki (savory cabbage pancake) and takoyaki (savoury octopus balls pastry?/buns?) – but more on that later. I’m writing a multiple part breakdown of my trip to Osaka. Hopefully I can break it down with enough information that will be useful for you! :) Part 1: Accommodation in Osaka (this post!) Part…

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    Zero Fare Flights to Perth, Australia?

    Click to enlarge Airasia is having its zero fare promotion for international flights. After hours of refreshing and re-entering details and choosing seats, I finally got myself a ticket to Perth, Australia on 20-27 April 2010 and managed to get seats next to ms Aree as well. Total Damage : RM502. Score! Now i have another year to save up money for spending. yey

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    The Sendat Expedition

    What did you guys do last weekend? A friend of mine invited me to follow him to look for a waterfall somewhere near Ulu Yam. “Kita pegi cari, then balik la” were his words. So I didn’t bring baju at first so we had to turn back. -_- Not to mention I forgot to set my alarm so I overslept. Sorry about that :P   Anyway, we expected a longer trip but it was a mere 70KM from my house. Its after Jalan Sungai Tua. Directions : “Once we reach the end of Jalan Sungai Tua, we turn right following the road sign.. Move straight for approximately another kilometer or…

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    Hotels in Kuching?

    I’ll be going to Kuching for a few days in January for my cousin’s wedding. I’m hoping to be able to lepak with my friends there – someone wants to belanja me tequila to try and get me drunk. Haha! Obviously I shouldn’t go back home to my aunty/uncle’s place after clubbing right? I wonder if I should go rent a room with my friends to lepak2 after clubbing then they also wouldn’t hv to drive back. I was searching through this website – CompareHotel.com.my – that searches for the cheapest hotel rates online based on location. You just key in a city that you want to search and put…