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    First Day in KK

    Arrived safely in Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu around noon. I had this splitting pain above my left eyebrow when we were landing. Almost had tears in my eyes. It was that painful. I usually never experience that. Must be the lack of sleep. Tim picked me up and we went to Mag’s place, chit chatted for a while before going out to Le Meridian, Kota Kinabalu because there was this lucky draw for ppl who were getting married there. There was also snacks and previews of the food Came back took a nap and then woke up, had dinner, chit chatted with the relatives and then now sitting in front…

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    Quick Update – 2 July

    I postponed my flight to Kota Kinabalu from today to this Saturday (5 July) Presentation 2 weeks ago sucked Went to Laundry Bar, Curve again last Saturday – upcoming post if I’m rajin lazy Still haven’t watched that new movie Wanted. Friends cancelled plans THREE times (!!!) Need to finish my final project documentation today to get it all nicely binded to pass up on Friday Met up with a fren that I’ve known for 2 yrs but never met. Lepaked at mamak till 6am – I miss those long conversations at mamak stalls Went to my tailor yesterday to see the dress I made for Mag’s wedding (I’m the…

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    I’m cranky and irritable

    Yes, what’s new. Especially now that I’ve got tons of work to do. I’m feeling cranky and irritable. I’m home alone for four days, from yesterday till Saturday. My family went to Jakarta. They’re having a ball of a time over there. The reason I couldn’t go was because I have a deadline this Friday. Its actually a good thing I didn’t go coz I had to go and pick up my exam slip this week. So yesterday I sent them off at KLIA then dropped by Cyberjaya then went back to Kota Dsara, then he called and asked if we could meet up so I shot off straight to…

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    MAS Cheaper Flights?

    Yesterday (5 May), Malaysia Airlines launched their Everyday Low Fares promotion starting from RM0 for domestic flights. Claiming to be the ‘World’s Five Star Value Carrier’ they promise that ‘you will be able to enjoy 5 Star Service at a low price’. So, this very bored (and stressed out with school projects) blogger decided to check out and compare the prices on their website. Read more about the results. You’d be surprised.

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    Going Down Under

    The best family outing I had was to Australia. We started off with a day trip in Brisbane before staying in our hotel in Gold Coast. What I really enjoyed was all the theme parks! We went to Wet and Wild, Dreamworld and Warner Bros MovieWorld. Dreamworld had all those rollercoasters and rides. We tried all of the rides, except one which looked too scary. But Movie World was really interesting with all the behind the scenes stuff on how they produced their movies. But I think none of the theme parks in Australia could rival the ones in the US. I for one would love to go visit LA.…