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    Travelling and Centro Club

    Been a while since i wrote a proper post. Many things are going through my head and in my life now. Good things, not-so-good things, life changing things. Nothing life-threatening or dangerous tho. My trip to KK was a blast (will write about Mag’s wedding and our Manukan Island Getaway soon). It was a great way to get away from everything that was happening in KL. Someone was really surprised I was in KK (coz I didn’t tell lots of ppl that I was going) so much so that he remarked, “wah, jauhnye membawa diri?” to which I just laughed. But honestly, it was a great opportunity to spend time…

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    One of those days

    Nope, is not a good day for me today. For starters, my presentation for my final project is this afternoon (more on that later. I didn’t get enough sleep. My fault perhaps. I can’t figure out why the registration part of my project isn’t working on my laptop. Its my third attempt to run it. I tried online, on my pc and finally on my laptop. I’m doing last minute work and I don’t like it I found out that apparently the presentations were postponed to Thursday and Friday and the timetables (for the timing slots) were only released today None of my classmates who went early to campus (coz…

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    Down in the dumps

    I’m feeling very demotivated lately. I’m not sure if its the stress of exams or not. I’m sure a few of my friends have heard me saying that I want to defer my final sem and re-do it next sem. They think I’m joking. This week or so, I have no drive and no energy to do anything. My mom would call it being malas. But its not that I’m malas. Its just that for some weird reason my heart is not into this. I’m not eating properly, I’m not sleeping properly. I feel like drawing the curtains so that its nice and dark in my room and curl up…

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    I’m cranky and irritable

    Yes, what’s new. Especially now that I’ve got tons of work to do. I’m feeling cranky and irritable. I’m home alone for four days, from yesterday till Saturday. My family went to Jakarta. They’re having a ball of a time over there. The reason I couldn’t go was because I have a deadline this Friday. Its actually a good thing I didn’t go coz I had to go and pick up my exam slip this week. So yesterday I sent them off at KLIA then dropped by Cyberjaya then went back to Kota Dsara, then he called and asked if we could meet up so I shot off straight to…

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    Haitus – Part 2

    Okay I wrongly guessed the date of my exams. They’re later than I expected. So apparently I’ll be busy for much longer. Starting next week my schedule is packed with completing and passing up assignments. Sorry if I won’t be able to update as regularly as before. I should be completed in 2-3 weeks. Phew