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Change timetable~! Yippie!!

I had to drop one of my classes (C Programming) and take Essentials to IT which is much much easier..yay! I took C++ & Java Programming already so they said it’ll just a be a repeat and boring. Which is true. Anyway, i managed to arrange with my lecturers to have all my classes in the beginning of the week. So here’s wat my timetable looks like

Mon : 9-11 am ~ Essentials to IT
Tues : 9-11 am ~ Business management
11-12.30 am ~ Essentials to IT
Wed : 9-11 am ~ B Management
1.30-4.30 pm ~ Design Studies

Im off from Thursday to Sunday :) Meaning I’ve got a long long weekend. hehe :P Which is juz great!

Well, dats all i guess, nothing else to write. Oh ya…i did take a few tests today *looks down*. Enjoy!

What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You?

Laidback Lover : Carefree and easy-going — that’s your approach to love and life. Above all, you respect your boyfriend’s beliefs, choices, and ideals, making you a trustworthy and supportive force in his decisions. Caring and thoughtful when it comes to your actions, you expect the same in return.
Even if you spend every waking moment together, you want to feel like you have freedom and room to breathe. For you, it’s important that you maintain your individuality so that you can continue to bring something unique to the relationship. After all, you gotta be you.
[Take the test at ]
My Comments : So yeah…anyone interested in having a “laid-back lover?” LOL! I am single…ahhaha

The Cakes Quiz

You are adventurous, love new ideas, are a champion of underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up, you’re quick to defend. A strong personality. You have a unique sense of humour and direction. You tend to be very loyal. The Cakes Quiz

My Comments : Hmm…yummy…i love brownies. I think im adventurous….and yes, i will defend myself in an argument (juz ask my mom). I also have a unique sense of humour…meaning sometimes i laugh when no one else is…ahahha :P

What’s the Color of Your Blog Personality? Quiz at About Web logs and…

My Blog Personality’s True Color Is…
It’s all about passion, heat, and intensity.
I take pride in my strengths and I learn to deal with my weaknesses. I like to blog about things that really matter to me.


My Comments : Passion…hmmm?…..I do blog about things dat matter to me :)

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