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EDIT (thursday afternoon) : The post would have to wait, my stomach ache berlanjutan until today. Its been four days now, I hv to constantly go to toilet and feel so uncomfortable. I skipped uni today coz I cant bear the thought of running to the toilet after every class. Am goin to the clinic later to check up on what’s wrong and get an MC. I still think its the kuew tiau kerang on monday that is the cause.

Im soo tired now…am goin to properly write out this post later to tell about my loooooonnngggg weekend (i actually juz got back today – Wed nite). So i better juz list down what i wana write :

made oreo cheesecake – chillis – tostada chips 4 refills – chicken – football – full – kenot breathe – Starbucks Mont kiara – mocha – oreo cheesecake – sofa – pictures – PD at 1am? – sleepy – balik – slept at 2am – to KLCC sun evening – chillis again! – strawberry daiquiri – cheesecake – sleep – nitemare – maju junction – kuey tiau kerang – sakit perut – cirit birit – KL to LKW – class cancelled – Alamanda Secret Recipe – makan byk, bill : RM62 – balik – CM – sakit perut – gassy – urut – sleep – sakit perut – lunch: siput sedut – sms Erin – home – driving lesson – mati engine during traffic jam – bangsar – nasi lemak – balik – tired.

Here’s a picture to keep u guys entertained for abit:

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