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Chocolate fantasies

*notice : drool-worthy post ahead*

I lurve chocolate which explains the size in any form but i seldom get to indulge in it (diet la konon). However, the past 2 weeks, I really went all out to satisfy my choccie fantasies..hehe!

Chocolate Buffet @ Cosmo

Went for a Chocolate buffet at Cosmo with Pam, Cass, Sid & Andre. Met up with them at KL Central – they all naik LRT from Asia Jaya to jimat duit petrol (and sempat pula Sid & Andre grab a bite at McD). Then went to KL Hilton (got a bit lost so had to ask the receptionist) and dived straight for the buffet after ordering drinks.

The chocolate was yummy. Really good quality. The chocolate fountain was nice for dipping in strawberries, marshmellows, grapes and dragon fruit. They also had chocx (sp?) pastry balls drizzled with chocolate, strawberry sauce & whipped cream. I absolutely looooved the chocolate mousse (white choco with mango stew, dark chocolate with banana, which chocolate with raspberry sauce) and the white chocolate covered silvered almonds pralines *drools just thinking about it*.

The buffet might be pricy and not worth it to Erin some people…but considering the amount and most importantly, quality that we ate, it was money well spent.

Time : 8.00 – 10.00pm
Venue : Cosmo Lounge, KL Hilton
Price : RM38++ (only for chocolate buffet – drinks are kinda pricy)
Contact : 0322642264
Rating : 7/10 because there’s no drinks in the buffet and the price is pretty steep

Chocolate Fondue @ Haagen-Dazs

I was drooling like crazy reading Su ann‘s post about going for Chocolate Fondue that I simply absolutely had to try it. Especially since I didnt drink or eat anything sweet a week or so after the Chocolate buffet.

Since I was having midterms exams last week – was kinda stressed out about it coz I had java & database on the same day (tuesday) and statistics on thursday – so wanted to chill out after that so managed to get Nick & Erin to join Gladys and I for eats at haagen-dazs.

It was sooooooooooooooooooooo good~!!! I totally agree with su ann (except we didnt get refills la su ann, they said cannot..soo sad *wails* ) – about the chocolate consistency. It was not watered down nor too sweet. It was pure chocolatey goodness with no aftertaste. The fondue came with scoops of haagen-dazs icecream (i loved the cookies and cream), green apple, banana, peaches and strawberries, wafer s, biscuits and brownies.

Read Su Ann’s blog for a better review (coz she writes reviews better than me) and Nick‘s coz he posted all the pictures. (Erin was kinda dissapointed for some reason so she was moody I doubt she’ll blog about it)

Time : anytime, just walk in (the guy said reservations arent necessary)
Venue : Haagen-Dazs One Utama (old wing) and Great Eastern
Price : RM13++ (per person for four people – cold water provided)
Contact : 0377262825
Rating : 9/10 they would hv got a perfect 10 if they refilled our chocolate.

Gladys and I

Would you like some tea?

Getting ready to attack the fondue

The spread

Chocolate covered icecream BALLS

Gladys the icecream warrior(?)

Licked clean

Very very sedap oooo~!
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