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Christmas 2004

As a Christian, i do celebrate Christmas.

Every year (prior to this one) Im busy as early as November, organizing, practising, recording, writing scripts, directing. Active in carolling, music team, tamborine dance, sunday school christmas party, christmas eve drama, christmas day drama….and the list goes on. I had make all my cards and spend loads of money buying presents for friends

This year, i decided to take a break. I pulled out of everything. I also didnt feel like doing anything. But its also because I still feel like i dont fit in here. My sisters are doin some perfomance thingy and my dad is putting up signs and stuff for this Christmas bazaar were having somewhere…im not sure. I didnt go shopping to buy christmas gifts or clothes. The only christmasy thing i did was to send out store-bought cards, buy a small present for Lian coz i know he’s sending me a package and buy prezzie for aaron & yapp (that was my sis idea, i juz supply 1/2 d money).

In short, its just going goin to be the simplest Christmas I know.

Oh yeah, my mom bought me a red top for Christmas..according to her, its from Korea so its RM 35 if im not mistaken. So here’s the pic. Click for a bigger pic

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