Clubbing again

Went out for a couple of drinks on Fri nite with my roomie, her bf and another guy who drove us. she didnt drink so i ended up drinking wif the guys….hehe….seems like im the only gal around who does dat. Oh wait…she did drink one small cup of beer…bout 300 ml…..all in one go and ended up red-faced and really sleepy…LOL! She obviously cant hold her drinks.

Feeling a lil lonely now…it’s 5.30 am and I’m still online doing nothing. Going to sleep now….roomie is out wif her bf (prob sleeping in his place tonite)..so im all alone in the room anyway…going to take a quick shower…coz i feel hot and sticky….then go to sleep…coz I know it’s goinna be a long nite on Sat….it’s my gal pal’s birthday and i know we’re goinna be clubbing as well.

:: Mood :: S L E E P Y . . . . . . . .

:: Listening to :: “In da Club” – 50 Cent

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