Clubbing Vs Pubbing

What’s your plan for new years?

I made plans with my friend that I might join him and his frens pubbing in Subang if I have no plans. I thought that was the perfect plan because it wont be as packed as in KL and I wont hv to dress up. Plus he’ll belanja :P (i think…) It’ll be a simple and casual evening drinking with frens to celebrate the new year.

But. now im in a dilemma.

I just won 2 free tickets to the Midzone Countdown Party I wrote about some time ago here. Tickets are RM75 (presale) and RM100 (door price). The Lineup is also good : VJ Sort from Kagawa Japan, DJ Matthew White from Hungary and DJ Stoneface & Terminal (Euphonic Germany). The bad thing is, its in Midvalley and that area will be bloody jam.

So howwwwwwwwww?????


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