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CNY Fun :)

My CNY holidays are over :( oh so sad.

I went back to Tg Malim with my family on the 17th night for supper at my grandma’s place (mom’s side). Had some vegetarian dish. Got no idea what it’s called but got meehoon, abalone, mushrooms, fungus

Got back home around 3am on 18th morning and prepared the food from my small makan-makan – Made the spaghetti Sauce & the white sauce. Slept for a while then prepared all the other food. Mashed potatoes, Spaghetti & macaroni, Garlic Bread & my mom made carrot cake. Cleaned the hse a bit more, arrange all the makanan. And waited for the guests. Taufie, Core & Bact came first. Dok lepak2. then Jer came, and one by one all my frens came.

I didnt really invite a lot of people (due to budget constraints) but I invited as much as I could, some frens from KK who are in KL, some frens from chat and some blogger frens. Everyone had fun (at least i think so lah)

Got a few friends who stayed back talking, boraking and lepaking till around midnite. Then i went to send a fren back to KL. Coz he took the lrt to come to my place. As i was goin on the Penchala link, i drove over something (that actually looked like a simple black plastic on the ground) which sliced my right front tyre. Stopped at the side of the road just before the tunnel and bullied got my fren to change the tyre.and so that ends my chinese new year this year :) not so meriah as it would be in KK but its ok lah.

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