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I’ve been driving long distances a lot lately. Something like 20-30 minutes one way to go and see him. Going down there for dinner. Sometimes meeting him at 2am, then lepaking in kedai mamak till 5am. Sounds a bit crazy right?

Ah but then, there are those times that he comes down to see me. 30 minutes via komuter. Checking out all the food places that looks interesting. On the early mornings when I lepak there, he would temankan me all the way back at 5.30am back to Subang then take a ktm back then go straight to his office.

I wonder how some girls (and guys) can go over the top for their loved ones. For example, my sister would follow her bf’s car all the way to kota kemuning then drop off his car at his place then drive our car to shah alam to meet up with his friends. After that she sends him back to KK and then comes back to Kota Damansara (at least that’s what I think the plan was).

I think that everyone has a different view on ‘sacrifices’ and ‘compromising’ in their relationships and how much are they willing to put out. Here’s an interesting quote:

Most people will tell you that the secret to a happy relationship is compromise. They’re wrong.
You gotta do what makes you happy.
Then you gotta to find that mate who gets his greatest joy from seeing you that way.

~ Quote from Las Vegas ~ S05E10


  • Edrei

    Well the only way to answer that is to be completely in love yourself. Because only with love will be do the craziest things with a justification for doing it.

    And we do sacrifice, at least that’s my way of doing things. We sacrifice parts of who we are to make our partner happy. It’s necessary at times, but for the better, it isn’t about “you” or “me” anymore. It’s about “us” and that needs a little giving and taking.

  • twosuperheroes

    Well, just don’t bother being too calculative on who sacrifices more and who’s not. It’s not healthy for the relationship because you would constantly be thinking that you’re the one giving out more to keep the relationship going. Everyone shows their commitment in various different ways I believe.

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