Croatian Lamb Peka – The Best Lamb in Town?

I got invited for dinner at Dubrovnik Restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara last weekend and we were treated to their signature dish, Croatian Lamb Peka.

Now, what is Lamb Peka? It’s a traditional Croatian dish of lamb shoulder rubbed with a mix of Croatian Spices and baked in a wood oven under an iron bell. Iron bell? An iron bell is basically like a cover to seal in the juices.

Head Chef at Dubrovnik Restaurant, Chef Zoran Djumic, explains the process of cooking the dish.

So what do I think?

Some restaurants that have the really strong “gamey” smell in lamb but this is not. Also, the presentation might look thrown together but it really is a yummy dish. The meat is tender and flavourful and has an interesting taste that you probably won’t get else where due to the special spices. I love the potatoes and veggies baked together with the lamb.

They have this on Fridays and Saturdays but on normal days, you would have to call and order in advance (03 6203 6780) as it takes three hours to slowly cook. Its RM55+ and you can also get a Chicken version though I’ve not tried that.

For more information on the other lamb dishes they serve, check out I’ve had the Lamb Croatia and its pretty good too. Love the green pepper sauce.

Check out my review on their other dishes at Zestful Eats!

Note : So is it really the best lamb in town? I think its quite high up there but gotta bring some of the #makangang (cc: @KhirOmar) to test out the lamb and see what they think.

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