Money Matters,  Uni Life


Had my database Lab exam today. Was quite easy so I hope i score *crosses fingers* It started at 3.15 pm. The lecturer is cool..he even let me use earphones and listen to my music while i was doin it.

Been realizing that Im lousy at saving money. Am so broke that I’ve already started using next month’s allowance. I spend an average of RM6 at uni everyday (RM5 for nasi campur+rm2 for drinks) but i dont eat everyday.

Went I went out wif pammy on Sunday, I juz got my allowance for April in my account. Was utterly broke so had to withdraw. On that day i spent:

  • Lunch at banana leaf = RM14
  • Bread = RM 4
  • Starbucks for drinks & dinner = RM 20
  • Reload for my handphone = RM30

Grand total for one day of outing…from 11am – 10pm = RM69

Then yesterday met up with old friends, coz they juz started their semester in KDU:

  • Lunch at uni (nasi campur+mineral water) = RM 6
  • Pretzel = RM3
  • Movie = RM10
  • Dinner at teppanyaki = RM12

Grand total for half a day of uni & half a day of outing = RM31

Today, had lunch (RM5) – nasi campur (again!) and had to buy 2 floppy disks for my exams = RM3. Total = RM8

So in 3 days..I’ve already used RM108 of my allowance for April. And its not even the first….im sooo screwed


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