Day 6 : Pets

I can never keep pets for long. Either they fall sick or I get too busy and find it difficult to maintain. Come to think of it So I decided not to have any more pets, unless it’s a family pet – where everyone in the family.

I’ve always had a soft spot for dogs. I grew up with them in the old houses I’ve stayed in – corner lots with huge compounds. When we moved to KL, we stayed in an apartment and dogs were out of the question. Not to mention there are particular rules/regulations in keeping dogs here in Selangor.


But if money and time permits, I would love to have a Husky. Aren’t they cute? Yes its true puppies are so cute but once they grow up, they learn to be loyal and loving to you and vice versa. I do miss having dogs but there’s no one to take care of em now. Maybe one day..

* This is part of the 30 Things in 30 Days Challenge *

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