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Different people or one & the same?

A few friends and I were commenting over teh o ais and nasi lemak about people putting on different masks around different people. It was agreed that everyone shows a different side of themselves, its just human nature.

For me, I usually have a line – actually, many lines – between different groups of friends, family and love. Different strokes for different folks (as they say)

First is the “KK group” who consists of people who watch me grow up in my secondary school days, when I was innocent and naïve and a true goody two shoes. Never go clubbing, never dating, teacher’s pet, president of this club, vice president of that club, the usual lah. I must admit that my teenage life (until 17 yrs old) was really really straight cut but I had my share of good-clean fun :P I consider these people great friends who are part of my past – we keep in touch, but its different from physically hanging out often.

Next would be the Miri/Curtin group, who watched – and helped and encouraged – me dabble into things of the world : drinking, staying up late, clubbing, playing pool ect ect. Those were the 2 best years of my life – lots of memories and laughter and fun was poured into our friendships then. Lost touch with a lot of them already, unfortunately

Then I have my Blogger friends who are nice and kind of good :P (Of course I have no idea what they do behind my back) but these are the people that I would never dream of inviting to clubs or drinking. Hehe!

Then there’s the chat people, lkw students and other people who I honestly don’t know much about. These are the hi-bye acquaintances. As in, I kno them, but we don’t really hang out often.

Then of coutse there’s the close friends in KL – most from east msia, others from around here (like the Mosin club members. LOL!). These are the friends that I regularly hang out with, people that are just a phone call away to a all-nighter of laughter and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise).

I don’t like mixing any of my groups of friends (I tried it before in 2002 with rather disastrous results). For example, my KK friends would probably faint meeting my KL friends. And I cant really imagine my Blogger pals in Planet Hollywood on a Saturday night. Come to think of it, its rather amusing how different and diversified my groups of friends are. Handling many types of people isn’t an easy task, but it opens up my eyes to the diff ways ppl react to certain things.

I admit that Im probably slightly different with each of them. The real me is the same, but there are certain elements that are adapted to suit the situation and crowd. Then again, it happens with everyone else. We are all unique in our own way and that makes life so colourful (in a good and bad way). You’d never know what your friends are doing when they aren’t around you. For all you know, I could be someone who can give fantastic blow jobs or I might be someone who’s bisexual or I could be someone who is a published writer in the US or someone who has played football or someone who has attempted suicide multiple times or someone who enjoys phone sex. We never know what is happening behind closed doors – particularly after the lights go out. Hehehe….

P/s: some of the statements in italics are true and others a false. You decide :P ]


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