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Digi and Maxis iPhone 4 Comparison Chart

Im using both a Digi and Maxis number. So I guess you could say I’ve got my foot planted firmly on both camps :P

Am interested to see whose plans is better so I decided to make a comparison. Unfortunately, some things were in the way

  • Digi does NOT have a 12 month contract plan
  • Maxis has plans with 1GB, 2GB and 3GB while Digi has plans with 1GB, 3GB and 5GB

So i present the following table:

Digi and Maxis iPhone 4 Comparison Chart for 1GB and 3GB plans with 24 month contract

digi maxis iphone 4 comparison chart

Interesting things to note to influence ur decision:

  • Warranty : Digi offers only 1 yr warranty, while Maxis offers 2 years warranty
  • Free SMS/MMS : Maxis free SMS/MMS is to Maxis-Maxis numbers, Digi is for all telcos
  • Contract Period : Maxis offers 12 month contract for the iPhone 4, Digi does not.
  • Coverage : Maxis has undoubtedly better coverage than Digi, especially outstation
  • Exceeding Data : Maxis will charge RM0.05/10KB (to a max of RM250) while Digi does not charge anything extra but might throttle your speed (need to double check on that)

So, hope that helps you make a decision. iDigi or iValue in Malaysia? Or perhaps get a set from Singapore?


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