Do girls look good in big sunglasses?

There’s this thread in this forum that I’m active in which lists down “5 Women’s Styles/Fashion that Men Hate”. The five things on the list were :

  1. Cheek piercings
  2. Excessive makeup/foundation
  3. Pets as accessories
  4. High Belts
  5. Giant Sunglasses

Well i kinda agree with the first three. I mean I’m ok with piercings and tattoos but for it to be in somewhere obvious and poking out is a bit unprofessional and in my mind, not very nice. The excessive makeup thingy is such a turn off especially if its the wrong blend of colors. Pets as accessories is wrong on so many levels. Paris hilton wannabe?

Actually im kinda on the fence about num 4 – High Belts. I think thats its nice but only on certain people and certain outfits. You must hv enough style sense to actually pull this off.

Big sunglasses however are hot (to me that is). Not those that are gigantic and covers half of your face. I mean those really nice sunglasses like the ones the celebs wear. It has to match the size of your face also. There are lots of different types of designs that you can see online. I like something like this:

Gorgeous rite? And it only costs $14.95! I got a similar one but in a darker brown which i use when driving. Should probably get a new one soon tho. Hehe!


  • Alia

    It’s hilarious because it’s true. My man hates those in-trend sunglasses y’know. He kept on saying it’s an oldie look, well guess what boyfriend, it’s baaaaaaack. Sometimes I think he doesn’t have sense of fashion. Hehe.

  • BlazeKnight7

    I personally think most girls look hot in sunnies the big ones are actually cool in my opinion despite what others seems to think

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