do you have a gf?

When i first meet a guy – anywhere, online, offline, whatever – that is the standard question i would ask. Why? Its because of this main reason:

Girlfriends can be a biatch

I’ve lost track of the zillion times a girl looks at me with hatred and jealousy in her eyes. If i was flirting with your boyfriend, then i’d understand that look.
But juz coz we hang out – with a couple of other guys – together to:
– watch football (which you think is a silly bunch of men chasing after a ball)
– talk about games (which u think is an absolute waste of time)
– discuss about computers (which you have hardly any idea about) and
– other things (which you wouldnt even want to bother finding out about)
so you think I’m after your beloved boyfriend.

After one incident, i vowed never again to be accused as the “third person” in a relationship. My best fren’s gf accused him of spending too much time wif me (she of course neglected the fact that it was not only me he was with, but like 4-5 other guys), that I understand him more than she does and she checks his inbox for my emails. When I heard about it, i was like “what the hell!?!” and after that, we were never as close as before, till we eventually drifted apart…all because of his gf – which btw i never thought was a good choice for him and he got hurt by her eventually. Serves him right

Guys who are attached – gfs/fiancees/wives – spell D-A-N-G-E-R. Even as friends, I will hold myself back. So that i wouldnt be too close. So that I wouldn’t be accused yet again. Asking for a relationship? No way…utterly off-limits.


I must say that I like to be honest. Im very straight-forward in what i say and write (which is why this blog is messy and unfiltered). If you want something, ask for it. I wouldnt get angry because it’s your right to ask..and my right to decide whether to approve it or not.

And guys, if ur planning of just playing around, tell me…so that I dont jump to conclusions.


im in a ranting mood…juz feel like letting it all out. Yes, i am referring to some people I kno…past and PRESENT.

….on another note….

There’s approx 13 days before I leave to KK for two weeks! Yippie!!!!


  • E

    At last the comment works. Anyway I agree on this thing. Man with companion spells DANGER if you happened to be one of their good friend. Kadang2 kalau takde apa2 pun they will inquiry us.

    But sometimes I feel I can relate to that. Maybe they just being protective. I can accept that. But still please understand that we can be friends with guys with no motive attached. Read : – Its not that I want to f*** them if i get close with them. Please understand that.

  • Batrisya88

    tadi dah komen takper kan komen lagi sekali..huhu

    4me.. if ur love someone than ur have to trust each others… sometimes the other half pun need their own time with their fren…. simple as that..

  • Fully Loaded Barn

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