Driving to KLCC

I’ve been driving to and fro from Kota Damansara to KLCC every morning and evening. The toll is RM 1.80 when coming out of Kota Damansara toll and exiting at the Jalan Duta Toll. The petrol is probably less than rm10 (I’m just giving a rough guess here). Its always jammed so I guess more petrol is lost there :(  Guess everyone is see reviews on 2009 cars to find a more fuel efficient car.

Oh the other day when someone banged to back of my viva and the bumper had to be replaced, the guy who was handling us was really friendly and explained everything nicely. Kinda hard to find the best mechanic nowadays. Everyone seems out to get the money.

Speaking of cars, did u know that sometimes cars are recalled? Guess you should start thinking about getting automatically notified on every recall for your vehicle. One good article you should read is DriverSide Spotlight.

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