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On Tues nite I slept over at a friend’s place in KL. Then I had class in cyberjaya at 9.30am. That meant getting up at 7am, getting ready, hving breakfast then take the monorail to KL central (rm2.10), and take the ERL to Putrajaya (RM9.50) then a taxi to campus (RM11) because the bus from putrajaya to campus would be too late.

So after spending about rm23 and getting up at the ungodly hour of 7am – I arrived in class at 9.30am and what do I see? The campus was having some Karnival Patriotik of which we were not informed of at all. And – worst!- all classes will only commence after 2pm.

What the fuck!?! Bloody idiots! If I knew, I could hv just overslept till afternoon, then gone home. Which will only cost me something like rm5. Well actually im supposed to have afternoon class but for the past 3 weeks you keep promising there is a lecturer but when we go to class, there is none! So no point going. So around 11-ish, i took the bus back.

Taking the bus back from campus is a rather tiring – albeit cheaper – ordeal. First I hv to take the (free!) Rapid bus from campus to cyberjaya. Then from cyberjaya bus station I hv to take the T429 to Putrajaya central (rm1). Then waited for less than half an hour for the bus (forgot which one) to take me to Kelana Jaya station. From there I could hv taken another bus to Kota Dsara but i because I felt kinda tired and pissed off, i got my mom to pick me up from KJ (manja!)

Argh! so damn annoying to go all the way to cyberjaya from KL then hv to go back! Im already so short of money then my money is wasted *sigh*

(cukup emo tak sankai? ngah? :P)


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