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End of holidays :(

Sori I’ve been abandoning my blog. Been busy enjoying the last 2 weeks of my holidays.

Early dinner at Delicious with the girls

Erin was around since Monday last week and it’s been a week long sleepover. There was a lot of eating and jalan2. Meeting up with old friends from school. Shopping in One Utama. Driving to PJ Digital Mall. Pigging out the whole day with Dominos, sleeping then a huge huge supper at Williams. Gossiping till wee hours of the morning. Sleeping in till the afternoon. It was such fun girls!

Mamak nights with Milo Float & chicken wings

Then there are the date nights. ‘Forcing’ him to rush to the ktm at 10.30pm to come down to watch a movie with me. Driving for 30 minutes at 2am to go see him. Lepaking in a kedai mamak laughing and talking till early morning. Drinking weird drinks like Milo Float and Teh O Lychee. The night he found out I was a hantu satay coz i insisted we stopped by at the side of the road to buy satay even tho we oredi tapau KFC.


I start class in a week. My FINAL semester. Yey! Got my timetable today after waiting for ages to complete my registration. This semester I only have 3 subjects because Major Proj doesn’t really count as a subject and i got exempted for Malaysian Studies (because I did it back in Curtin). But I still have classes everyday. Oh well, at least I can sleep in :)


9.00-11.00 am ~ Character Animation

2.00-6.00 pm ~ Software Testing & Reliability


4.00-6.00 pm ~ Character Animation (Lab)


2.00-6.00 pm ~ Major Proj II


2.00-4.00 pm ~ Virtual Reality


11.00-12.30 pm ~ Virtual Reality (Lab)

I hate having classes on Mondays, especially full classes. Oh monday blues.

p/s: I saw Acha Septriasa in Limkokwing when I went to register just now. She’s cute. but a bit short


Oh oh, before I forget. I would like to wish Selamat Pengantin Baru to the newlywed couple Alangz & Zura. Sorry couldn’t make it to your wedding. I had other things to attend to.

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