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Entertaining bfs

Looking back on my previous entry….it sounds pretty depressing. hehe! But things are slightly looking up….well….not exactly, but I’m trying to change my own outlook on things. Hehehe….life isn’t so boring if only you can find interesting things to do.

Hmm…my fren’s bf is in KK to visit for a week…..good excuse to go out…but then always having to end up trailing them from behind…sheesh…! Like today….spent bout an hour sitting down in Burger King while she was giving him a tour of the whole shopping mall. Thank goodness I wasnt alone! There were 2 guys from our uni as well who followed us so we ended up eating and talking there while waiting.

Yay! watching Lord of the Rings : Return of the King tomorrow afternoon wif the same bunch of frens mentioned above. Hope it’ll be good! I want to know the ending…hehehe…

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