entrepreneurial young lady arent I?

Woke up this morning 80% recovered and feeling loads better. Slept the whole day yesterday. Sorry to everyone who SMSed me yesterday coz i think i answered really short/confusing replies. LOL!

Anyway, got up this morning, went online, did this online quiz (refer prev post) which i think is totally accurate :P Went to class early. SMSed my abg angkat – A – (refer post a few days ago) who arrived safely back in Sarawak. Got an SMS from my best friend in Miri saying “hey, heard you were sick? Im now in the coffeeshop whr we ate with Melvin (a childhood friend and ex-drummer of Evenstarr, hvnt seen him in a year). I miss you so much! :'(” I wonder how she found out i was sick? I miss her loads too. There are ppl who care after all :P

Decided to start selling stuff on ebay Msia & lelong.com.my. Not really sure what i want to sell yet tho. Was compiling a list as follows:

  1. My sisters’ old stuffed toys – wash em and take pics of em
  2. Costume jewellery
  3. Old clothes/bags
  4. Beaded jewellery
  5. Other Odds and Ends around the house

Im moving house soon so i have to find a way to get rid of all these lil thingys i have hanging around the house. Will post up details of items & payment/shipping details soon. Who knows if the makcik-makciks over at Joe’s place ** would find something that catches their fancy…be it something for the home or the kids ;)

Im planning also to start doing web-building part time. Something to do while studying so that I can have extra pocket money and perhaps help my parents pay for my tuition fees or books. Coz im not smart enough to get a scholarship so the least i could do is to get some money to provide for my own pocketmoney.

A gal pal of mine also approached me with a business plan but that has yet to materialize in the near future. Will probably consider it as a postponed plan. I can only juggle so many things besides my studies.

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