I realized that I expect too much of people. Not in a negative way though. It’s just that sometimes, I put them on a pedestal so high that when they don’t meet my expectations I feel disappointed. No, its not their fault, its me who expects too much perhaps.

Friend #1
I didn’t expect much of you, but I did expect that you AT LEAST hold to your words. You said we’ll meet. You said we’ll hang out together. You said you’d make time for me. You said you’ll ring me up. You have not done all these things. I have virtually given up on you. You are not worth the time or the effort!

Friend #2
I always thought that if I were close friends with you –the same gang I hang out with in Secondary school – that you’d tell me if you had a boyfriend. But No, you preferred to keep quiet about it. I thought we were supposed to share stuff about our lives. We live less than an hour apart and yet we have only met ONCE. I had to find out stuff about you from someone
else, someone we both weren’t close to. I now officially consider you just a normal friend.

Friend #3
I always thought that if we were best friends, we’d always stay that way. That our friendship will transcend time and space. Yes, I know we were apart for almost 1 year, and yes, I expected some things to change. But now I feel that I’m always the one initiating contact. After meeting
up with you after a year without constantly talking & hanging out with you, I feel disappointed. Disappointed that you couldn’t at least muster up more enthusiasm in seeing me. Yes, I
kno you have many friends and other priorities. But you have been one of the top priorities in my life, and always will. You claim you miss me, but do u really? Your problem, my dear boy, is that you have too many friends & acquaintances that you forget who the friends who really changed your life are.

Gal I just met
Look, I just met you, and you already gave me a really bad impression of you. I should give you allowances because you’re only 15, but please, wipe that annoyed look of your face. Its obvious you like J and is constantly whining for his attention, and he, being the good guy he is, juz layan you. Don’t come over merengek-ing when Im talking with him, or giving me this “im-so-jealous-i-want-to-kill-you” look. We happen to be really good friends so live with it!!

Brat from KK
Hey, I kno you’re rich and all, but no point snubbing me like that. You are a proud, spoilt rich kid who needs to be kidnapped and thrown into the poorest community in the world and forced to live like a slave. You wouldn’t survive in a jungle for a day alone. So what if your dad owns a restaurants and shop and ur mom has her own business while my dad is only an accountant and my mom is a homemaker? I kept trying to catch your eye to say “hi” and u purposely looked away. What the hell??!?!

…today I did…

About my day, I spent the whole day at home and the whole evening till night in Sunway Piramid for a conference. It was ok but not as good as I expected. Oh and I got to meet Jeremy, meeting him brings back lots of happy memories. Need time to sit down and really have a long chat with him before he goes back to KK.

I seem to have the weird urge to spend money lately. I so TOTALLY HATE shopping and i think that window shopping is a freakin waste of time. What’s the point of walking all over the mall, and trying out so many things and come out empty handed or with only one item. The only time i actually go to the shops is when I actually need something specific, like shoes, or a bag, or stationary, or books (i dont mind buying good books). Anyway, i popped into FOS and bought a
halter top…really nice one…which was pink, i dun usually wear pink. But it was very cheap RM20 only. Oh yeah, and i spent like RM10 on archery – 24 arrows. Archery is a something that not many people know I play. Its a great way to relieve stress. Just imagine the person face on the bullseye and shoot. I didnt play a good game today, and my upper arm felt a little strained after.

I downloaded the new Mozilla Firefox browser to test it out. It seems faster than Internet Explorer and the BEST part i like about it is that it has a multi-tabbing system. Meaning that instead of opening links in new windows, i can open it in one window, but in multiple tabs. Like when you open Microsoft® Excel and u can open lots of different documents in it. Yeah, Firefox works the same way. To get it, click the LINK on the right sidebar —>

Oh yeah, I got a new abang angkat. This guy I met thru the Evenstarr fanboard forum thingy. Really nice guy, funny & sama palak (direct translation: same head. Indirect translation: like same thinking, attitude, ect). His name is Lian. Yay! One more person to bully~! :P Hehe!
{Ko iboh kembang gila coz ko kena mention dlm blok kmk tok Lian :P}

Current mood: Nervous and dissapointed
Now Listening to: “Broken” by Amy Lee & this other guy whom i forgot his name. LOL – coz im broken when im lonesome

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