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Expectations….(part 2)

Better read the post before this if you haven’t.

Afternoon : I told lian bout my situation with Friend #3 and he made my day. Thanks bro!! Anyway, im planning to meet up with Friend #1 today….yes, he finally called…im kinda nervous actually.

10 pm : Was supposed to meet Friend #1 at PWTC. He cancelled while i was on the LRT in KL Central…..wud d hell!?!?! Wasted my time….i am SO goinna get pissed if he calls tomorrow (Fri)

Im so not looking forward for tomorrow coz one of the guys i’ve been complaing about (yeah, the one that is very manja and sensitive) is coming tomorrow. and im forced to meet him, whether i like it or not. And I have to put on a face like im happy to see him

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