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Eyes wide open…..

7.30 am
Im back blogging. Didnt really sleep the whole nite…actually more like morning….I think im having insomnia or something. Going to uni now. Got 2 classes, 9-12.30 pm…see ya!

4 am
I added a banner to my blog. nice? Nice? The background of the banner is made out of pictures I took with friends back in Curtin Uni, Sarawak campus since mid 2003. Miss you guys so much!!! {Lola bebeh, i juz realized we dont have a pic together. Why?!?!?!?! *cries*} . I also changed the background of the blog…juz to make it nicer. It’s Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2

Hmm…didnt do much on Monday, just woke up REALLY late then laze around before going out for dinner with my auntie. My parents, me, my auntie, and 2 cousins – young adults, Lily & Patrick (I call him by his chinese name, Ah Hooi) ate at this Vegetarian restaurant. I was NEVER a big fan of vegetarian coz the meats & fish are made out of floor and dat really freaks me out coz i’m eating “fake” food. We ordered fried taufu with some sauce, “chicken” with some black sauce, vege, “fish” with a sort of curry sauce and some fried “fish” rolls.
My verdict : It was kinda nice…but i only ate the taufu & fish & vege…the chicken tasted & looked fake. Yuks!

Oh yes….i had a pretty interesting call this morning while i was sleeping and i lazily picked it up. The conversation went like this:
Curtin : Is this miss fiona?
Me : hmm…ya *i actually juz muttered my reply*
Curtin : ur hostel deposit is ready for collection
Me : Okay….*yawn*
Curtin : can you pick it up today?
Me : I’ve actually moved to KL, so i cant pick it up today….*”duh” i said in my heart*
Curtin : We could deposit it in ur account.
Me : Okay. How much is it btw?
Curtin : RM six hundred and………
Me : *shocked* Whaat!
Curtin : Can i have your account number please?
Me : I’ll call u back tomorrow with the details

WOW! didnt expect 600 plus ringgit to fall straight into my lap – not sure of the whole amount, as soon as i heard six hundred….everything after that didnt matter – thought they would have called my dad about this money issue. Hehe!
So i did some researching today my asking my parents innocent questions about banking in money and I’m going to call Curtin tomorrow coz I got my Account number already. Didnt tell my parents bout the money tho. I need extra money in my account and they would find out the next time they bank in money for my allowance so its no biggie….hehehe…I juz plan to keep it there for emergencies. Im not really the type to go shopping – very lazy to look around malls. hehe…
Current mood: pretty contented
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