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Facts about me (Part 1)

All thanks to Emy for this great idea. I hope that i’ll get at least 100 facts eventually – im juz too damn lazy :P
But this will have to do….at least until furthur inspiration :P…tee hee hee

Thanks to some ppl who helped me when i asked them wat they think of me.

  1. I move…A LOT. First from Miri to KK, then to 5 or 6 different houses in KK (in 7 yrs) then KK-> Miri 2 times while i was studying. Then Finally to KL…going to move again in Jan 2005 to a house. That’s like 9-10 times in 19 years. Nang kedak nomad la ya
  2. I am very talkative and once i get started, I really cannot stop. Especially online or on the phone. Talk talk talk….all my friends know me for that. And people who dislike me, dislike me for that too
  3. That said, I’m actually shy. People who first meet me have a first impression that I’m a really quiet gal. That is, until they know me well. Then at that point, they can’t stand me. LOL!
  4. People naturally come to me for problems – i also dont kno why – but Im always ready to listen and sometimes offer advice…..but usually just listen. Esp love problems……that’s one thing i really dont understand…i have never been in an “official” relationship and yet…..maybe its coz im a good listener…ehh..bangga plak! :P {but of course i still like listening to your stories guys!}
  5. I like to sleep. Yes, ask anyone in my family or those that have slept over. They’ll all tell you that I can sleep my whole day away. Especially if I havent slept properly during the week, i’ll use weekends to “recharge” {So now u kno why its hard to get me to go out on Sat mornings :P}
  6. So, I am NOT a morning person. In fact, i HATE mornings. In the mornings, I’m at my most irritatable (sp?) and most short tempered. No one messes with me in the morning. However, i can go for more than 2 days straight without sleeping. And i can still wake up with 1 hr sleep.
  7. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get. This is the real me. Yes, i usually look happy-go-lucky because I do feel that way most of the time. But of course they are bad days for me…like wat a guy fren commented, “when bad mood…..sure can tell….just look at the face…if got frown a bit already know something wrong..even she smile when she’s sad, still can tell”
  8. As much as I like listening to ppl’s probs, I dont really like to talk about mine. I always had the philosophy of not “burdening others with my probs” as I like to call it. However this doesnt mean that I’m a shut tight clam that never reveals herself. I keep some to myself, and share the others.
  9. I like to spend time alone. Esp if im irritated, angry or frustrated, i’d prefer to go to my room, slam d door and juz rant, get angry and scream by myself until I calm down. its also less complicated wif no one around. No many people has seen me actually angry, and from what i’ve heard, I’m really scary when Im really mad.
  10. Believe it or not, I always wanted to be a guy. My best childhood friend (we were born & grew up in the same hse for a year or so) and I were always friends with the guys. Playing hockey (my fren ended up as a division-level player), football, bicycle, skates, while other gals our age were playing “masak-masak”. That was ages ago…

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