Failed Exams

The past 3 weeks have been kind of a monotonous (sp?) boring never-ending cycle…

Came back….wuz like a stranger in my own house. Slept in my sis’ room…which didn’t work out so kicked my youngest sis outta her room and I have a room all to myself again. Yay!

Bored like hell at home. My computer at home is a total hopeless machine. Its too slow to actually do anything with it. Not to mention the fact that sometimes I cant even switch on the monitor. Been pestering my dad to get a new one for 3 weeks already. No phone line…no internet access except for a 2 hr stint in a CC every Fri nite…so the only way to catch me online is Fri nite, 10-12 midnite.

Did I also mention that I failed my subjects (except for that confounded Moral which I didn’t study for?) So currently my future in Curtin (or anywhere else for that matter) is TBA – To Be Advised…or should it be To-be-held-up-until-further-notice-or-until-my-parents-actually-make-up-their-minds ?

At first I thought the wait for the results was bad, didn’t sleep properly for 1 week plus, now I find that the wait for the decision on where I’m goinna be “thrown” is worse…..

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