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Fear of flying?

I just realized that when you buy airasia tickets, you just have to add another RM15 to get travel insurance. That’s pretty cheap yea? At least in the event that there is an accident *knock wood* and you get injured while on the plane, then everything would be covered. (Suddenly that initial scene where the plane breaks apart in that TV Series ‘Lost’ comes to mind…..scary).

Sometimes I don’t really get how people are afraid of flying. Its also called aerophobia, aviatophobia or aviophobia. Did you know that the chances of getting involved in an aircraft accident is lower, yes LOWER, than getting killed in an automobile accident? Seriously! The statistic shows that its 1 in 11 million (for aircraft accidents) versus 1 in 5000 (for automobile accidents). So ironically, that means that you are actually at a higher risk of driving to the airport then boarding the plane.

I think its partly because people feel that they are more in control when they are in their own car, behind the driver’s seat as compared to in an airplane where you put your life in someone else’s hands. Weird tho, how we have travel insurance to protect us while we’re on a plane but we have car insurance to protect against damages to our car, rather than ourselves.

So, are you afraid of flying?

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