Food, glorious food

All I can say is almost everything I did today wuz in connection wif food. Wuz up & online early aorund 8 am (!!!)….well…actually havent really slept since d day before coz overslept (refer last post). Wanted to eat pancakes…but no gas :( Then my mom said d gas man wuz coming at 9 am. {Yay!} Managed to finally make my pancakes smeared with peanut butter and kaya {No! Not together! In 2 seperate pancakes lah}. Online till like 1 pm while everyone else slept. My sis didnt go to school….school holidays for about a week.

When everyone finally woke up…they wanted to eat, but of course they wuz no food. No bread, No cooked rice, no sausages, only 1 can of mushroom soup or maggi mee…..which we didnt really feel like eating. After a bit more digging around we manage to find something {Thank goodness!!}………………….uncooked burger meat & potatoes. So we decided to cook burgers…….oh wait, we dont have bread… my sis & mom went shopping….and now we have food in d hse. When they got home, i cooked lunch {not really lunch, it wuz almost 4 pm then} and we finally ate……except that at this point, im not that hungry so juz ate a burger even tho we had soup, more burgers, mash potatoes and french fries…..all made by, who else?, Me!

My sis wants to take over the comp now so i guess i’ll go play 1 round of Gunbound before handing it over….sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *yawN*

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