Football Blues

NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! England lost to France 2-1….the French were lucky~!~!! all their goals were at the additional minutes of the game. I must admit Zidane was gud…really good. And Becks shouldnt have kicked the penalty for england coz he obviously wouldn’t goal…stupid!!! And the worst slip up ever was from James, the goalie for Eng, when he tackled the France player, i forgot who, roughly and got a penalty right inside the box. It was an obvious win…..argghh!! Not to mention the fact that all my guy friends were gloating coz they supported France. Only a small handfull of my guy frens supported Eng….

It wuz fun tho…early in the morning…2.30 am…sitting wif Lola in the living room in my hostel flat.¬† Just the two of us watching and screaming and jumping around (when Eng goaled)…hope we didnt make too much noise tho…our guy frens 2 blocks away saw us and waved coz they were watching too….hehe! cept for the fact dat they were supporting France.

Went back to the room around 4-5 am then helped¬† her do an assignment till almost 8 am. Since i had class at 10 am, i didnt want to sleep coz i knew i wouldnt wake up. So i stayed up till now (6.30 pm)….going to sleep soon…cant stand much anymore. Now in lab, playing pool on the computer. After this game I’m going back to sleep.


Getting all worked out about this football thing brings back lots of memories of KK and the guys i left behind. No…not boyfriends, but best frens….guys who are always yapping about football…at that time i wuz not so interested it in but i never minded listening to their sometimes-very-amusing conversations. NOw i miss them….. :S

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