We had our last game on Friday….against one of d top teams in the league. They were really gentlemanly and didnt play to their maximum potential so we lost 6-4. [Thanks SubCon!]

Then i went out for dinner with a few friends without even changing. Then another fren called saying dat this guy fren of ours was leaving for Aus on Sat so we were going out for his farewell. We went out to eat (again!) then chilled at this cafe wif a 1-2 mugs of beer, talking, taking pics, playing darts. Since it was closing, we moved to this Kareoke to sing a few songs & play pool..and drink a lil bit more. Our fren who was leaving got tipsy coz he cant take alcohol and started talking too much.
I only got back at 4.30 am…kinda disgusting come to think of it coz i only took a shower at 4.30 pm d evening before and I played football dat evening.

Oh yeah, i also got into a minor motorbike accident¬†dat day (Friday). I fell off a motorbike while i was riding wif my best fren from childhood and she ended up badly scratched while i sprained my shoulder. It hurt for like¬†3 days and i had trouble lifting up my arm. But we’re both alright now.

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