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Football Fever & Kaka

I found this new template I really really like. Made some adjustments with it. AM very satisfied with the results tho I havent added the links yet coz im too lazy.

These few days has been filled with mostly football and lepaking with Pammy and her friends. We went over to Hartamas on Sunday night to meet up with the infamous JengPam’s half-arab best fren whom I’ve heard so much about. We brought Cass along (she’s on holiday too). Tot we were juz meeting up with a few people not to mention can cuci mata also at Hartamas Sq.

There was more people that we expected because Jeng invited his friends as well since its his first nite back from Egypt (where he bought a shisha bottle from Pam – gila happy minah tu). Had my first meal of the day – didnt take breakfast or lunch – Spaghetti Alfredo with Salmon. Yummy!! After sending Jeng back to Shah Alam & Cass back to PJ, we met up with arip & poks at Mosin to watch yet another game.


I watched the brazil match the other day at home. Didnt join the guys at Mosin this time. Makan popcorn sambil tgk bola best woo. I think Crotia did a good job at defending, it was hard for Brazil to make a goal. BUt of course I dont want to comment much on it. I will comment on something I do know and that is : Kaka was sooo hot hot hot!! Esp the last part where he took off his jersey. Sweet.

I downloaded this really cool plug-in/extension for Firefox. Its for instant match updates. As you can see from the screenshot, theres a list of the upcoming games on the left sidebar and the hot news. Then at the Status bar at the bottom it shows the current game and the time. It pops up notifications of Yellow & Red Cards and also Goals and also when its time. Oh and you can also change the skin to the different countries, the one Im using is Brasil (but of course ;))

Joga Firefox extension
Download it here


I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. Not feeling so well, got flu and what not. He hasn’t replied my textes for 3-4 days now and when I call the alasan is no credit. Kinda feeling pening and havent been eating well also. Must be lack of proper sleep.

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