Football Fever @ Laundry Bar

Pam, Aree, Erin & I went out for dinner last nite at Chilis OU. Aree had a craving for steak. The rest of us had burgers and of course, 2-3 helpings of Tostada Chips+salsa and a bowl of Beef Queso…yums, been craving for that for ages. After that we continued at Laundry Bar to grab some drinks and watch the opening match : Germany vs Costa Rica.

It was my first time at Laundry Bar and I had already heard good things about it. It was packed full. there were so many people seated outside watching the big screen TV in front of the Cineleisure. Half of the people were already tipsy from beer (Tiger promotion, RM60 for 4+1 bottles of beer – or was it 5+1?).

Pam had a Diet coke (coz she’s trying to stop drinking), erin had a pineapple-plus-some-other-things mocktail and aree had a cosmopolitan. I got persuaded by the uncute waiter to order a Chemical Shooter (RM33). Its a set of 4 shots meant to be drunk all at once, one after another. First filled with guava juice+some kinda alcohol, next one with a blue liquid (im not sure what), third with lime + some kinda alcohol and lastly 2 pieces of lychee + some kinda alcohol. Its really GOOOD!! Sweet but with the liquor aftertaste. A little bit slow to hit but I think most ppl would feel tipsy after it (not me tho, what can i say :P).

The whole night was spent dancing, watching football, screaming at the goals Germany scored (omg, i sooo liked that goal shot from quite a distance, that was sweet). Music was good (I had a feeling the DJ supported Germany coz he played uber nice songs after they goaled), a very nice mix of R&B and the like.

Ended the night with a short trip to idaman for some eats after the game ended. Enjoy the rest of the pics :D


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